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The world’s first ETC tool (Every Trip Carry)

About T'spin

A Titanium multi tool designed for travelling


It has happened to all of us at some point: you want a cold beer after a long day travelling, you need to change the SIM in your phone for your new location, your glasses have come loose or you just don’t want to hold your phone while watching your favourite TV show. T’Spin is designed to offer a solution to all of these problems (and more!) and with a tool that is both well made, easy to carry and fit for purpose. Simply throw T’spin into your travel bag, hook it onto your keyring or keep it in the glovebox of your car and you know you will always have the perfect answer to those travelling conundrums.


As with all great ideas, T’spin was born out of necessity. We saw a need and we decided to fill it. Actually, it was a very typical story of being in a hotel room, buying a few beers from the local shop (its cheaper than the hotel bar!) and realising that you have no way of getting those beers open. It’s frustrating and annoying and most of all you wonder why hotels don’t offer this one simple gadget. Then, what if you need to keep your cables tidy or store your SIM card? Or maybe you just want a gadget that you can use to relieve stress, such as a fidget spinner? So we got to thinking. What other gadgets do we need to carry with us when we travel and can they all be represented as one tool? It needed to be compact, easy to use, hardwearing, functional and cool too. We wanted something that would cover all our needs from that cool beer, to SIM storage, phone stand and stress relief. It was a tall order, but T’spin was born.

Who We Are

We are Edward To and Tommy Ng. We work together in Research and Design and as part of our job we travel together often. Over a few of those beers (that we finally managed to get open!) we discovered our shared love of design and our concept was born. Both of us graduated in design and engineering and even won a design award. While a university career has its benefits, it is nothing compared to learning on the job - and we have done that too! Our backgrounds are suited to design, but we also both have a shared passion for business and entrepreneurship. Each of us has worked in business to bring concepts to the market. Not only do we specialise in design and ideas - but we understand the complexities of the market, the project management and the financial commitments involved.



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